About Us

Welcome to Florida's Cotton Clouds, where visionary ideas merge with innovation to shape the future. As a result of 14 years of entrepreneurship, Florida's Cotton Clouds was born. We are an American- Christian company that researches, manufactures, and distributes cotton products for the integral care of the family.

Our Mission

At Florida's Cotton Clouds, we believe in the superior quality of American-made products and the benefits of buying locally. We are committed to manufacturing in America.

Our Story

In 2010, Onahira Rivas, a female entrepreneur, began her business journey. Where she established her presence in several online marketplaces, leading sales in the personal care industry. As a result of her success, she decided to start manufacturing our products to increase U.S. employment and contribute to America, with our cotton brand Florida's Cotton Clouds.

Our Founders

Embarking on a shared mission, spanning two generations - Onahira Rivas and Luisa Rivas, a remarkable mother-daughter duo, proudly stand as the founders of Florida's Cotton Clouds.

Dedicated to producing in America, they support American jobs and hope to ignite inspiration in fellow business owners and entrepreneurs, forging a path toward the reindustrialization of America.
Together, they strive to bring manufacturing back home!

Our Values

At the core of our values is a deep appreciation for the importance of family. We prioritize the well-being and happiness of every family member, and our products are designed to support their everyday life.

Impact & Innovation

Florida's Cotton Clouds will build the First cotton factory in Florida. Sourced entirely from America, all of our raw materials come from our great states. To fully support American jobs and American businesses.