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Maximizing Sales: Harnessing the Power of Google Ads and SEO Strategies

Luisa Rivas, founder of Florida's Cotton Clouds, recently participated in a dynamic discussion on a televised panel, shedding light on the effective utilization of Google Ads and SEO strategies to bolster sales and enhance search authority.
With her expertise in e-commerce and digital marketing, Luisa Rivas emphasized the importance of crafting targeted Google Ads campaigns to reach potential customers efficiently. Additionally, she underscored the significance of optimizing website content and structure for SEO, enabling better visibility on search engine results pages and ultimately driving organic traffic.
Founder Luisa Rivas @grluisa
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Through her insights and practical advice, Luisa Rivas provided invaluable guidance for businesses looking to elevate their online presence and capitalize on the immense potential of digital marketing platforms.

Luisa Rivas Google Ads & SEO Images-4 Luisa Rivas (@grluisa) during panel discussion with Alex Golimbievsky

When should you focus on Google or Social Media?

You should focus on Google or social media according to the stage and objective of your business; for example, if you need to start working on brand awareness, you should start working on social media by posting educational information regarding the theme or the environment where your product is in. 

In the funnel below, we can check out how a business can convert a potential customer into a real customer and referral.

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Following Luisa Rivas' advice on the best SEO practices and Google Ads methods is paramount for businesses seeking to increase online traffic and enhance their digital presence. By harnessing the power of targeted advertising campaigns and optimizing website content for search engines, companies can attract more visitors, improve conversion rates, and ultimately boost sales.


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