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Blending Small Business Stability with Startup Innovation

Onahira Rivas, the architect behind Florida's Cotton Clouds, recently hosted a TV interview to illustrate the effectiveness of merging small business philosophies with the innovative nature of startups.

 Onahira Rivas (@onahirarivas) during the discussion panel

Drawing from her own experience with almost 15 years of being an entrepreneur, she emphasized the importance of fostering an environment that cherishes both stability and innovation.  Onahira Rivas's compelling narrative underscored the need for small businesses to embrace change, leverage technology, and cultivate an entrepreneurial mindset to thrive in today's rapidly evolving landscape.

Her strategic approach not only resonated with aspiring entrepreneurs but also offered valuable insights for established businesses seeking to reignite their entrepreneurial spirit.

Merging Small Business & Startup Philosophy

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Entrepreneurs can choose to develop a startup or a small business; the decision will be delineated by different matters: invention, type of product, service, market size, and technology, among others.
There are differences between startups and small businesses in funding, business model, growth potential, marketing, risk tolerance, innovation and creativity, team size, time to profitability, scalability, exit strategy, legal structure, and taxes.

Nonetheless, there are several compelling strategies that both can bring to the table; for example, startups are great at branding, scalability, technology, vision—the bigger picture, and design. On the other hand, small businesses excel at customer service, relationship building, sales, launching sooner, and follow through.

Therefore, the recommendation for entrepreneurs is to keep the best of both models, merging them and squeezing a valuable output philosophy that can be adjusted and deployed in your business.

Onahira Rivas (@onahirarivas) with panel judge Emily Keyes

In her concluding remarks, Onahira emphasized the imperative for small businesses to embrace innovation as a fundamental step towards propelling their enterprises to new heights. By fostering a culture of innovation, small businesses can harness their entrepreneurial spirit to unlock new opportunities, differentiate themselves from competitors, and excel in the 21st-century business world.


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