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Revolutionizing Copywriting with Artificial Intelligence

Luisa Rivas, one of the visionary founders of Florida’s Cotton Clouds, recently engaged in an enlightening discussion with a prominent TV panel on the transformative role of artificial intelligence (AI) in the realm of copywriting. With her profound expertise and innovative insights, Luisa illuminated how AI technologies are reshaping the landscape of content creation. Find below some strategies on how to use AI for business discussed during the interview.

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Founder Luisa Rivas (@grluisa) at Copywriting & Design Business Panel


The Use of AI in Copywriting:

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Content is essential to rank your website organically in Google.  Content includes videos, images, and copywriting. Nowadays, the use of Artificial Intelligence has created apps that can create blogs, newsletters, and articles, among others, in a matter of seconds.

The usage of this kind of AI can help entrepreneurs get the task done in a short time, giving them time to focus on strategic or CEO efforts that can allow the business to grow.

Furthermore, the cost of AI is a monthly membership, which mostly has affordable prices. However, the entrepreneur should avoid just copying and pasting what the chatbot outputs instead, it is recommended to get inspired by the information and adapt to your business. 


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