Onahira Rivas & Luisa Rivas Manufacturing in America

Inspiring American Manufacturing: Mother & Daughter Entrepreneurs Lead the Way

Onahira Rivas and Luisa Rivas, mother and daughter, Christian entrepreneurs, are the founders of Florida's Cotton Clouds, the first manufacturer of cotton products in Florida. Both immigrants from Venezuela and Spain, respectively, are dedicated to rebuilding the American manufacturing industry by establishing their own factory. They are determined to drive a positive impact and inspire other entrepreneurs to bring manufacturing back home!

The United States is a country built by entrepreneurs since its foundation with the arrival of the settler John Rolfe. Both an entrepreneur and an immigrant, John Rolfe was a visionary driven to transform his dream into a truth in a new land. As the first settler to bring tobacco seeds to America in 1610, he paved the way for a massive settlement that turned the United States into the world’s biggest tobacco exporter for over one hundred and fifty years. The actions of one single man created prosperity for a nation, economic independence, and enormous success in trade.  

This country offers all the possibilities to make every dream happen regardless of where you come from. America is a country of entrepreneurs, and according to the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor, there are 31 million entrepreneurs in the U.S., about 16% of the adult workforce. At Florida’s Cotton Clouds, we believe that if all the entrepreneurs join us in manufacturing in America, we can make a tremendous difference by impacting the lives of millions of Americans, restoring trade independence, and strengthening our economy.

"We are proud to be a factory that not only creates jobs but also enhances opportunities for the American people," said Onahira Rivas. "By producing in the United States, we actively support both the local and national economy, contributing to the growth and prosperity of our nation." Therefore,  we source all our raw materials from fellow American businesses, and our cotton is harvested from our great states.

Onahira remembers that in the 1980s, everything was made in America and all packaging proudly had a made in the USA label. We at Florida's Cotton Clouds believe in the superior quality of American-made products because America is one of the world's leaders in innovation, technology, and product quality. We have an unwavering commitment to producing our products right here in the United States and restocking our shelves with made-in-USA products!

The Rivas family is committed to producing in America to support American jobs and inspire other business owners or entrepreneurs to take similar steps toward economic growth within our nation.

"We are proud to be part of the American dream," said Luisa Rivas. "We are passionate about our mission to help rebuild the American manufacturing industry and create jobs for our fellow citizens."

We invite all retailers to join us by supporting American manufacturers to bring our products to their stores, with the support of the chain of retailers, such as Walmart, Walgreens, CV's, Costco, Kroger, Sedanos, Winn Dixie, Publix, supermarkets, and, pharmacies. By joining forces, we can all rebuild the American Industry together!

The owners of Florida's Cotton Clouds are a shining example of how immigrants can contribute to the American economy. Dedicated to producing in America, they support American jobs and hope to ignite inspiration in fellow business owners and entrepreneurs, forging a path toward the reindustrialization of America. Together, they strive to bring manufacturing back home!


About Florida’s Cotton Clouds (@floridascottonclouds):
Florida's Cotton Clouds, where visionary ideas merge with innovation to shape a brighter future. As a result of 14 years of entrepreneurship, Florida’s Cotton Clouds was born. We are an American-Christian company dedicated to researching, manufacturing, and distributing cotton products for the integral care of the family.

At Florida's Cotton Clouds, we are committed to manufacturing in America and sourcing all our raw materials from the great states of our country because we believe in the superior quality of American-made products.

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